The relationship that women share with their watches is precious, especially in this dynamic world. There are many women watches brands in the market. And they always have something in their stock that caters to the taste and fancy of every modern woman. There are delicate watches, and there are watches that are luxurious. Today we will bring you a collection of best watch brands for women. Some of the brands in this collection are Michael Kors, Guess, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Coach and many others. These brands are no stranger to success, and they are reputed manufacturers of women watches. So if you are looking for a great watch for yourself or as a gift, just go through this best women watches brands collection and find the most suitable one.

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Our Best Women Watches Brands Are:

Michael Kors

Women Watches Brands of Michael KorsMichael Kors has become one of the best women watches brands in the world. It is not only a brand name but also a name of an individual who is a New York City-based American sportswear fashion designer. He is the privileged administrator and chief creative officer for his organization. Having launched his first women’s wear line at Bloomingdale’s and other upscale department stores in 1981, he is now one of the highest paid women’s wear designers in the world. And he has gained a lot of popularity and reputation across the globe.

Features of a watch from this brand are that these make it easy to add a bit of designer flair to your wardrobe. You’ll love looking at the simple elegance of a Kors watch each time you check the clock. So if you want to have that feeling go ahead and buy one from this brand.


Women Watches Brands of GuessFounded in 1981 and headquartered in California, Guess is an American clothing brand and retailer. While other brands have not been able to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market, Guess has performed this job with excellence. Even though the company sewed its roots in 1981, its first watch came out in the year 1984. In that year, Guess presented its new line of watches referred to that were ordered as “Guess”, “Guess Steel”, and the “Guess Collection”.

Now and again, the distinction in item outline and the material utilized for assembling is the only thing that important to individuals. Guess utilizes an alternate kind of hardware for band and frequently silicone and stainless steel for their time pieces. In the year 2004, Guess celebrated its 20th anniversary of watch collection while issuing a special-edition Guess watch.


Women Watches Brands of GucciComing from the land of polymaths, Gucci was founded in 1921. Sitting at the 38th position in the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list, Gucci takes pride in being there. It has become one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of high-end leather goods, clothing, and other fashion products. Watches were added to the company’s product lines after the 70’s. After adding several other products, the company never looked back and kept on climbing the stairs of success, and it is still doing that till date.

The watches from Gucci are pretty expensive and can be seen worn by celebs across the globe. Influential, innovative and progressive, these three words can define Gucci. So if you want to get ahead with all of this in your life, buy a watch from Gucci.

Calvin Klein

Women Watches Brands of Calvin KleinA global lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold, progressive ideals is Calvin Klein. They are the thrill seeker and inspire the audience while using magnificent design to ignite the senses. After about 50 years, Calvin Klein keeps on being a social impetus over the globe by grasping pressure and making unexpected substances. They trust in a culture that incites disclosure and ground breaking. Calvin Klein endeavours to have a constructive outcome on the world by effectively moving enthusiasm.

Calvin Klein watches haves a premium look and mostly offer an analogue display. Many celebs across the globe choose to go with Calvin Klein. We are sure it is one of the best watch brands for women. So if you have got enough money with you, CK is the ultimate choice for you.


Women Watches Brands of CoachThe Coach brand stands for authenticity, innovation, and relevance. They rose up from their line of products by always following these true brand equities. Started in 1941 as a family-run shop in NYC, they were pioneers in the leather goods and accessories space. And they set up themselves as the first American place of cowhide of the twentieth century. Since then it has gained lots of popularity and reputation across the globe. And now it is one of the most famous brands of women accessories and leather goods.

The most imperative part about Coach is the extravagance which one feels while utilizing one of its items. Watches from Coach are stylish and elegant. And some of them are very expensive. But it is worth your money. You’d be making a mistake if you ignore this brand when you are looking for the best women watches brands.

Emporio Armani

Watches for Women Brands of Emporio ArmaniEmporio Armani is an Italian fashion brand that was founded by Giorgio Armani in 1981. It designs, manufactures and distributes shoes, watches and many other items. All these items are under a different price range, from the most costly to the most accessible. Emporio Armani uses the relationship with the Armani name, profiting from its prestige in the industry. Now it has become one of the most famous fashion brands all around the world. And it is still growing fast.

People may think the products form Emporio Armani are very expensive, but that’s not true. Emporio Armani has tried to make its product accessible to most people. So if you need to buy a watch with a reasonable price but possesses premium looks, Armani is one of your choices.


Watches for Women Brands of FossilFossil was founded in 1984. Being in this industry for more than three decades, it is no stranger to gaining experience about what the world demands these days. And they know exactly how to fulfil it. Fossil won respects for “Best Use of Online Creative” and “Best of Show” respects for the sixth Annual DFWIMA Excellence for Interactive Marketing in year 2006. And it has been voted one of the Top 100 Best Companies to work for in the U.K in 2013 and 2015. For a more in-depth look, click to see our Top 5 Fossil Watches Reviews.

Fossil experienced financial success with its own brands and this success have led a number of deals for licensed watch lines. In 2001, Fossil got in contact with the designer Philippe Starck and brought a revolution with the Fossil watch collection. Fossil is now making watches for women who are being proved with incredibly style and elegance.

Anne Klein

Watches for Women Brands of Anne KleinThere is a very famous sentence said by Anne Klein: Clothes won’t change the world, the lady who wears them will. Anne Klein established her namesake mark in 1968, everlastingly changing how ladies pondered and purchased garments. She was the main American originator to dress ladies in separates, offering them a range of coats, tops, and bottoms. For just about 50 years, Anne Klein has been synonymous with American sportswear.

Now Anne Klein is providing a wide range of products, such as accessories, watches, jewelry and many others. And it is available all around the world. The watches from AK have a profound string to the ladies wearing it. So on the off chance that you need to take pride in being a lady, run with Anne Klein.


Watches for Women Brands of TimexTimex is world renowned maker of watches that has been a prominent name in the industry since 1854. This brand has managed to gather a great reputation with their high quality wrist watches which are highly dependable and precise. Analogues, chronographs, digital, Timex have all kinds of watches, and they also come with brilliant designs and details. Timex has a wide range of watches for everyone from children to adults who seek sophisticated timepieces.

Being one of the best women watches brands, Timex also has an excellent collection of watches for women. They are elegant and stylish. So in case you are looking forward to getting yourself a watch, you should definitely consider Timex watches. Official site:

Dolce and Gabbana

Watches for Women Brands of Dolce & GabbanaDolce and Gabbana has been at the forefront of the stylish contemporary accessories ever since its debut in 1994. Now it is one of the best watch brands for women. This brand appeals to almost every type of people as D&G has a vast collection of luxury watches that come in all kinds of designs. There are some particularly amazing designs for women by this brand that are a balanced combination of elegance and bling.

Watches by Dolce and Gabbana are unique in their designs and are hence instantly recognizable. With watches that range from simple analogs to complex chronographs, this brand has mastered the art of watch making. If you are looking for a high quality and beautiful watch, this brand can be one of your choices.

Daniel Wellington

Best Watch Brands for Women of Daniel WellingtonDaniel Wellington is a famous Swiss watch brand that was very recently founded in 2006 by Filip Tysander. And it has managed to gain worldwide recognition and fame in this short span of time. An important reason behind this is the fact that their watches are very accurate and reliable. As far as the designs of the timepieces are concerned, Daniel Wellington likes to keep it elegant and minimalistic. For a more in-depth look, check out our Top 5 Daniel Wellington Watches Collection and Review.

Daniel Wellington has a couple of watch collections for women. Their watches often feature the NATO stripes, but they have a big collection of leather ones as well. With the simple and beautiful design of their watches , this is a brand you should definitely check out.


Best Watch Brands for Women of VersaceThis brand has been in the industry of jewelry and watch making since 1994 and has ever since become a prominent name in the fashion world. Versace is a brand that has continuously rolled out top-end impressive and beautiful timepieces for both men as well as women. While their products can be pretty expensive, Versace makes sure that it is worth your money.

This Italian brand is widely known for being very sensual and provocative with their designs but still manage to be classy and elegant. A lot of the watches by Versace are in gold, silver or black and are very eye catching. If you like gold or silver watch, Versace is the best choice for you.


Best Watch Brands for Women of BurberryBeing one of the most successful fashion houses in the market, Burberry boasts of a listing on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100 Index. This brand has managed to sustain a rich and long history in providing luxury timepieces as well as other accessories that are of outstanding quality. A lot of their timepieces, as well as other products, are marked with their signature beige, burgundy, and black plaid which add to the style quotient.

This brand has a broad range of watches for both men and women. And they all stay true to the classic style of Burberry that featuring classic colors, clean and a quality design. If you are a fashionable woman, don’t miss this brand when you consider buying a watch.

Kenneth Cole

Best Watch Brands for Women of Kenneth ColeKenneth Cole is a very well know figure in the fashion designing industry and is an American designer who designs for the mid-tier market. Their watches are a nod to the classic elegance and convention mixed with some bling. The models of the Kenneth Cole watches are made with versatility in mind, and as a result, they have a very wide range of watches that are considered Unisex.

While there are a big collection of distinct mens and womens watches, their Unisex collection is a pretty big hit. Kenneth Cole watches mostly have silver or black tones with the occasional gold ones and are always of the best quality.

Tommy Hilfiger

Best Watch Brands for Women of Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger is probably one of the most recognized and world-renowned lifestyle brands. And it is also one of the most successful American brands out there. This brand provides top quality, preppy American designs that appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The watches by Tommy Hilfiger are most often neat and clean with a distinctive vibe that is unique to this brand.

They have a wide range of watches for both the sexes. And they are internationally renowned and endorsed by several prominent figures. This is a brand that you most definitely must look into if you plan on buying a watch. So go ahead, get one for yourself or as a gift for your friends.

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